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The Swiss authorities have recently changed the rules for entry to Switzerland.  Please be aware that rules tend to change at a moment’s notice.  You need to keep checking the FCO website (if in the UK) and more importantly, the Swiss ones here and here to make sure that you comply with entry requirements and Covid regulations.


a)      Everyone entering Switzerland (with a few exceptions) must complete an entry form The earliest this can be done is 48 hours before entry.

b)     If you are vaccinated or recovered from Covid you must be able to show proof in the form of a certificate – and you will need to show this to gain entry to hotels, restaurants and the Clubhouse.

  • Switzerland accepts valid EU Digital Covid Certificates (EU-DCC)
  • Anyone who has been vaccinated in a country outside Switzerland, EU or EFTA will need to apply for a Swiss Covid Certificate.  The UK version on the NHS app is NOT acceptable.  You need to request a Swiss Covid Certificate.  The certificate can be transferred to the Swiss Covid App, available for download on Apple & Google stores.  This is the relevant page of the Federal Council website.

c)     If you have not been vaccinated and have not had Covid, you need to present a negative test result and take a further test 4-7 days after entry.  You may not be allowed entry into various establishments including hotels, restaurants and the Clubhouse.


Make sure your passport is:

  • valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave Switzerland, or any other Schengen country
  • less than 10 years old

The 3 months you need when leaving a country must be within 10 years of the passport issue date.

Website Links

Swiss Entry Form: 

Swiss Covid Certificate application form:

Federal Council Website:

Swiss Coronavirus and Entry:

FCO website (UK):

How to Ride the Cresta

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Beginners on the Cresta Run

Beginners can book a slot for their first day of riding by choosing a practice session from our calendar and following the instructions from there. Beginners are required to review and agree to our Terms and Conditions. You can find out more about riding as a beginner here.  The Fixture Card for the next season will be added to the website in late June once the SMTC Committee has agreed the calendar.